Markus Gray


Hi! I'm Markus Gray and welcome to my little part of the internet. I am a passionate Web Developer working in the Philadelphia area. I am a self-taught developer who has honed his skills over the last 10+ years, three of those being professional building forward thinking websites and web applications for the public and private sectors. I have had the great opportunity to build websites for organizations such as Philadelphia Gas Works , the Philadelphia Water Department , the city of Pittsburgh , and the Department of Education while working with The Tactile Group as a Web Developer.

When I am not working with clients, my other titles include CEO and Founder of Syncware Technologies, Inc. , Co-Founder of I Can I Will teaching gardening and business to the youth of Chester, Pa, and more recently the Founder & Owner of The Terabyte Cafe , an internet cafe coming to the Delaware County area providing high-speed internet access and technology classes to the community.